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Professional consulting tailored for businesses, professional organizations and media outlets seeking to build mental well-being in high-pressure environments.

Meet Dr Laura Bonnemort Psy.D

Dr Laura Bonnemort, Psy.D. is a Tampa-based clinical psychologist. She is interested in sharing her knowledge and insights around psychology and mental health with a broader audience through TV, podcasts and press. She has been working in the profession since X. Dr. Laura works in private practice as the founder of Compass Psychological Services.

In addition, Dr. Laura is an adjunct professor at National Louis University in Tampa, Florida, where she teaches Couple & Family Assessment. This enables her to bring diverse experience to your media project. 

Contact Dr. Laura for speaking engagements, on-air interviews and commentary.


Dr. Laura works behind the scenes or in front of the camera as a psychology expert or guest commentator. Her role involves providing insights, analysis, and commentary on relevant psychological issues, research, and current events. She may offer professional opinions, explain psychological concepts, provide advice, or contribute to discussions related to mental health, relationships, personal development, and other relevant subjects.

Dr. Laura’s expertise and knowledge help inform and educate the audience or production team on psychological matters for news segments.

Specialties Include:

Corporate Consulting

Dr. Laura can develop and implement stress management programs and resilience-building strategies tailored to the specific needs of employees to help individuals better cope with work-related stress, enhance their well-being, and maintain optimal performance. We can collaborate to assess organizational practices and provide recommendations for promoting mental health and well-being.

Dr. Laura is qualified to assist in developing policies, implementing effective leadership strategies, and creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. By promoting a culture of understanding, reducing stigma, and increasing knowledge about mental health, your business can create a supportive environment where employees feel comfortable seeking help and accessing available resources.

Specialties Include:

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