Therapy For Adults

As a high-achieving professional you’ll not only excel in your career but also cultivate meaningful relationships as a dedicated parent, trusted friend, and supportive spouse.

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therapy for Professionals

In a world driven by ambition and success, high-achieving professionals constantly strive for excellence in their careers and personal lives. You likely set ambitious goals, possess unwavering determination, and relentlessly pursue your aspirations.

While your drive and dedication bring remarkable accomplishments, they can also lead to overwhelming stress, burnout, and a sense of being “stuck” in the pursuit of perfection. As a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in mental health therapy for high-achieving professionals, I offer a supportive and confidential space to explore the unique challenges you face.

How mental health therapy can help

Through therapy, we’ll explore:

With your therapist you’ll develop powerful tools so you can:

Individual Adult Therapy

Therapy tailored specifically for high-achieving professionals in Florida. Through interactive sessions, meaningful dialogue, and evidence-based techniques we’ll navigate the ever-changing landscape of your personal and professional life with newfound clarity, purpose, and fulfillment.

Through our work together we strive to:

professional businesswoman discussing marriage issues with her therapist

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy offers a valuable space for professionals who are juggling the demands of high-pressure jobs, the challenges of perfectionism, responsibilities at home, infertility, or parenting issues. 

Through therapy, you and your partner can develop the skills and confidence to articulate your needs and desires in a clear and constructive manner. This allows you to be heard and understood by your partner, fostering a deeper level of emotional connection and mutual support. By expressing your concerns, you create space for open dialogue and problem-solving, preventing issues from escalating and improving overall relationship satisfaction. 

Together, we explore the unique dynamics of your relationship, seeking to foster understanding, communication, and connection.

Through our work together we strive to:

Family Therapy

Through guided discussions and therapeutic interventions, families can develop effective ways to address challenges, make decisions collaboratively, and find mutually beneficial solutions. Family therapy fosters open communication, strengthens relationships and provides effective coping mechanisms so your family can navigate challenges together.

Our therapy sessions offer a supportive space to explore the complex emotions surrounding infertility and parenting challenges and process grief.

Through our work together we strive to:

Compass therapy services cater specifically to busy professionals, helping you overcome obstacles that may be hindering your personal and professional success.

Develop your fullest potential with the guidance of a clinical psychologist who understands your unique challenges.